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Arjem is a family-owned and operated company which, since 1994, has grown to meet the many needs of our expanding customer base the world over.

With equal measures of persistence and patience, we have acquired the best tool-making and molding capabilities. Working with a close knit and long-standing network of trusted suppliers, we have the confidence to guarantee our customers quality soap dispensers every time.


Our president has been in the dispenser business for over 30 years and provides the manufacturing, sales and management expertise which has helped Arjem become a world leader.

Not to be outdone, our vice president combines his extensive background in manufacturing with innovative ideas and design to ensure that each new Arjem dispenser is the best it can be.


Arjem's soap dispensers are created specifically for industry using a combination of metal, plastic and rubber materials which provide long-lasting, trouble free dependability that our customers have come to expect. We manufacture two models which accommodate the two standard soap containers: a flat top gallon, and a pour handle gallon.

100% committed

Since 1994, Arjem's dispensers have set the standard for excellence in pumping industrial liquid and lotion hand soaps. Each Arjem unit is built to pump at least 1,000 gallons of soap and sustain a minimum of 875,000 strokes in even the most demanding conditions. Arjem's soap dispensers are just plain long lasting!

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