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AR125 Soap Dispenser
for pour handle gallon bottle

Made to Fit Your Bottle

Designed to fit both the US one gallon pour handle bottle and the Canadian 4 litre bottle, AR125 can be made to fit your bottle perfectly. Its proven long-lasting pumping mechanism allows it to pump both liquid and lotion hand soaps.

With the same rugged design as our AR100 dispenser, the AR125 can handle the heavy demands made by both the end-user and by abrasive hand cleaners and solvents.

With a special, extended wall-bracket, your bottle will pop in and out effortlessly while staying securely locked in place.

The AR125 dispenses grit products such as pumice, plastic beads, and walnut shells, as well as D-Limonene products.

Technical Info


The AR125 is made of plastic, an aluminmum shroud and lever, and stainless steel tubing to provide long-lasting performance and durability.


The AR125 doses 5.5ml at a time, adjusable to a dose of 2ml.

Need mounting instructions? Click here for a copy (PDF).

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