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AR125 AR300

AR100 Soap Dispenser
for flat-top gallon bottle

Heavy-Duty and Durable

Ruggedly built and very durable, the AR100 is specially designed to withstand the heavy demands made by both the end-user and by abrasive hand cleaners and solvents.

The wall-mount design makes it easily accessible, and the heavy-duty lever allows for hand or elbow operation.

The AR100 dispenses products with grit and abrasives such as pumice, plastic beads, and walnut shells. It also dispenses D-Limoene products.

Technical Info


The AR100 is made of plastic, an aluminmum shroud and lever, and stainless steel tubing to provide long-lasting performance and durability.


The AR100 doses 5.5ml at a time, adjusable to a dose of 2ml.

Need mounting instructions? Click here for a copy (PDF).

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